Family Vance

I don’t have a clever story to tell about my kids or me or David. I just want to express my gratitude… for them and share all my blessings with the world. What a wonderful blessing it is to have those three boys in my life.

Family Vance isn’t just a name to call us, it’s home. It’s love and happiness and warmth and security and caring and everything that’s good. Family Vance is that sweet feeling you remember from early childhood of being home and knowing that is the most wonderful place to be. Family Vance is the smell that reminds you of innocence as you rested your baby head on your mom or dad’s lap.

We are a silly family that dances and jigs and makes up funny songs and sings like we are in the opera. We have group hugs and wrestle time on the bed and play steam roller and hide and seek. We eat dinner together and ask each other about our days. Family Vance is the soft blanket or pillow you had as a child that you associated with what the world should be all about.

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