Driving to school

A sample of a morning conversation with an almost 4-year-old…"Elijah, do you learn anything at school?"

"Well, not really, but it is called Child’s Way Creative LEARNing Center. Why is it a center? Maybe because it has centers inside. A book center…a family center… I wish they had a doctor center. When Mommy is where you are, she doesn’t press the lock button. Mickey speaks English and Japanese. Christof speaks Spanish, I mean German. (mumble garble something)…Cabbage in spanish…."

"Can you say cabbage in spanish?"

"No, but green is verde and red is rojo and if you flip a leaf sometimes it’s rojo. Maybe if Mars turned into earth and earth turned into Mars everyone could sleep all day. I hope there’s a real spaceship in the playground when i get to school and i can press a button and go 3-2-1 Blast Off!!! I like Logan. He likes Matthew. Keenan is six."

"Is Keenan in the class above you?"

"No, he’s in my class."

"And he’s 6?"

"Yeah, well, the kids that belong to Ms. Jerry are in her class, and the kids that belong to Mrs. Karen are in Ms. Karen’s class."

And so on…..

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