Analysis: Cheese and Death

Here’s two little vignette’s from the mind of a four year old…Elijah: I HATE eating.
Daddy: I don’t want you using the word "hate".
Elijah: But Ms. Karen (pre-school teacher) says it. She says she "hates it when people throw away their cheese."
Daddy: Well, it’s not a nice word and I’d rather you say you "dislike" something. Say "I dislike eating." Why do you dislike eating?
Elijah: Because I drink all my juice and my tummy gets full and then I’m not hungry for dinner and you and mommy get mad at me.
Daddy: That’s a good analysis Elijah.


And the second:

Elijah: I’ll always be with you daddy. We’ll always be together.
Daddy: Yes, I’ll always be with you.
Elijah: And we can keep talking even after we die.


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