Conversation with Joshua

Joshua threw a fit in the Souper Salad the other night, so I took him to sit in the van. Here’s our conversation….

Joshua: I trow a fit in da res-rant, but I don’t trow fit at home.
Me: Why did you throw a fit in the restaurant?
Joshua: I get a high chair. I get one for you, an for mama, an for bruddah, an for me.
Me: And that’s why you threw a fit, because we only let you get one high chair?
Joshua: Yes, and I go home.
Me: You wanted to go home too. You like home. You like your toys and your bed…
Joshua: Yeah, we don’t talk loud in our bed, we talk quiet.
Me: Do you talk to brother when you’re in bed?
Joshua: Yes, I say “Bruddah, wake up Bruddah … Bruddah, go get mama…” Yeah, I say dat. Dat’s what i say. An I want mama lay with me.
Me: Why?
Joshua: Cause the walks balk.
Me: Huh?
Joshua: the walks … dey BALK!
Me: I don’t understand.
Joshua: the WALKS …DEY BALK!
Me: Oh! The walls bark?
Joshua: Yes, dey BALK and dey scaaa-ry.
Me: They’re just shadows honey, the barking is the dogs next door.
Joshua: An when da light is on, i see an eye.
Me: You see an eye in the nightlight?
Joshua: Yes, I see an eye and I wan mama lay wit me.
Me: Do you want to go back inside the restaurant?
Joshua: (Looks out the window and points to the sky.)
Me: What?
Joshua: I wanna go in da sky.
Me: You can’t fly honey. I can’t help you go in the sky.
Joshua: If I have wings like Buzz I can fly. I wish I have wings like Buzz.
Me: That’d be neat. I wish you had wings too.
Joshua: No, I wish I had a rocket! I be an astronaut! I sit in Barney’s rocket, on my back, and I go 1…2…3…4…5….BLAST OFF! and I go like this (he shakes). Yeah, dat’s what I do. Like dat.
Me: Maybe someday you will fly Joshua.
Joshua: Yeah maybe I fly.

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  1. David,
    This story, it’s so sweet…it brought tears to my eyes. It will be such a beautiful gift for Joshua to have when he’s grown.


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