Glow Hard

Lame, boring recap of past workouts.

July 19 was the Kids’ Tri, in which I did the amazing distance of 200m swim, 5 mile bike, and 1.2 mile run. I tell ya though, that run was hard, really hard. Never underestimate a triathlon no matter what the distance. DV said it was hard, too, so it’s always nice to know the fast folks feel the same as me.

I think the week before I met Allison to run around the ‘hood and probably did 6 or so miles. I’ve been feeling really fatigued in my legs since the move, so some workouts have been difficult for me.

July 21 we did 700s, and Gilbert told us to do 6 at a slower pace. I went fairly slow, which was fine for me. I didn’t even time them, and by the time the 6th one came around, I was pooped. It’s been such a hot, hot summer, so running at 5:30pm has been fairly brutal.

July 22 – Total Body Sculpt at Lifetime Fitness. Ow. The entire hour and 15 mins I kept thinking, “I have do 800s tomorrow.” It’s a great class, but I seem to be sore from it for days…and it really is “total body.”

July 23 was a fun workout, actually. That was the evening a crazy rain storm blew threw right as I was driving to running class (about 5:15pm). I knew the storm would keep tons of folks away. When I got to the track at 5:30pm, the rain had blown over and the sun was out. The air was thick with moisture, and the sun kept pushing the clouds aside determined to beat down on the few of us that made it to class. We were scheduled for 800s, which isn’t a favorite of mine but don’t do it often enough to truly fear it. Let me point out that Sarah and I were the only gals to show up. We ran most of them together, and at the start, 6 repeats seemed like a lot. We didn’t think we could make ourselves go faster each repeat, but we somehow did. My last one was 4:44, which surprised me since I haven’t been consistently running this summer. I really didn’t think I’d be able to run that fast in the sauna we were dealt that day. I left really happy and proud of doing all 6 and doing them well.

July 26 – Blanco Out-Back Tri. I didn’t do it, which was a wise move on my part. I cheered David, Linda, and Snowdene on (as well as DVs friends). I did a 45 min long run around 11am – just ran all around Blanco State Park. It was hot but lovely. It’s a nice little park.

Later that day we drove to SeaWorld for a Cub Scout sleepover. What a nightmare. The SeaWorld counselor tromped us all over the park from 5:30pm – 10:30pm with minimal breaks. Familyvance was beyond exhausted and would have happily gone to bed at 8pm. However, SeaWorld had our sleeping bags and luggage held hostage. We finally were given permission to lay down around 11 or 11:30pm. We slept in the Shark Habitat, which sounds really cool but was really horrid. The closest bathroom was maybe 1/4 mile away, and we slept on the hard floor covered by thin, filthy carpet that thousands upon thousands of people walk on daily. It was a mixed blessing when the lights were turned on at 6am. I got to get off the hard floor, but I had to interact with our fellow scouts and the SeaWorld counselors. We headed off for more tromping around the park until about 9am, when praise God, we got to be regular visitors at SeaWorld who can stop and sit down and do whatever our hearts desire. I honestly think we walked miles with that slave-driver SeaWorld counselor. And besides, she wanted us to sing summer camp songs as we walked through the park. “Peel bananas, peel, peel bananas. Oy! Stomp bananas, stomp, stomp bananas! Oy!”

Monday, July 28 – mile repeats. I forgot my watch. I ran them slow, and I did 3, even though I probably should have done 4. They weren’t anywhere near my past mile repeat times, but I didn’t care. My legs were beat up from SeaWorld.

Wed, July 30 – 5 mile fartlek – 3 on/1 off, 2 on/1 off, 1 on/1 off and then repeat. I went to the 5:45am class, and I got to run with Gayatri and Leslie. It was a new fartlek experience for me as there was a large group we were to stay with (Group A). I think there were 12 or so folks in this group. The faster runners would turn back on the “easy” minute to the slowest runner to make sure we stayed as a group. The thought was really nice, and I don’t know that I’m against it…just new to me. The group really should have been 2 groups b/c the speeds were a little too far spread out, especially during the really rough 3 mins “on.” So maybe a A1 and A2 group is in order, but it really doesn’t affect me right now as I’m an afternooner where we don’t need no stinkin’ groups…er…at least fancy organized groups with letters assigned to us.

Sat, Aug 2 – 8+ mile long run with Leslie and Gayatri. They started at Robert E. Lee, and I met them at LAB and Exposition. I felt fine other than some muscle in my right outer calf bothering me. It’s been bothering me since SeaWorld or perhaps even the triathlon on the 19th. It was humid, but I still thinks it’s easier to run in a humid morning than 105 degree afternoon. Gayatri ran 14 miles! Yea! Leslie did 12 miles. Yea! Glow hard, ladies!

Now I get to unpack more boxes that we brought from the storage unit. We are never moving again.

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