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There’s only two more weeks until school starts. My summer has flitted by with packing and unpacking, driving and waiting, sorting and cleaning, swimming and biking, and more packing and unpacking. Start of summer seems so long ago, but I haven’t much to show for the time. Perhaps I’m too hard on myself. Shouldn’t I have a finished home? Shouldn’t I be ready for my new job? Shouldn’t those memory books for last year’s class be done? Shouldn’t I be logging more than 10 miles on long runs?

Fiesta Texas: Monday, August 4. The boys had free tickets they earned through a school library reading program. Tickets expire August 10, so time was pinching in on me. I dreaded the crowds (I haven’t had much luck with Fiesta Texas), but I knew it wouldn’t rain (again, not much luck with FT).

It actually turned out to be a pleasant day despite my grouchiness early on. One I relaxed and noticed there really weren’t many folks there, I was fine. I think going on a Monday with a projected high of 106 F maybe kept some folks away. We stayed until 9pm, so we were plenty tired when we arrived home around 11pm (love eating Whataburger in the car on the way home).

The rest of my week was filled with work and not feeling well and mostly successful attempts to unpack the boxes from our storage unit. The storage unit is empty, so that’s a plus, right? My house is a disaster though, but hopefully it will come together very soon.

DV left on Thursday for his boys’ retreat weekend to Colorado. Friday, Elijah, Joshua and I got up early for a Geocaching Event at Dick Nichols Park (8-8-08 from 8am – 8:08am). Afterwards, we found a cache that had evaded us a few weeks back. Saturday we found yet another cache with my sister and niece, so it’s been a successful caching weekend for us.

Saturday long run: Scenic/Mountain Bonnell. Well, Coach says “Mountain” Bonnell so I like to say that, too, but in his accent. Just saying Mountain Bonnell won’t cut it; you simply must say it with a Burundi drawl.

I’m already tired of running on Lake Austin Blvd, but it was fine. I ran with Barb to the 5-mile turn-around point. We ran into Emily, Allison, and Gayatri there, so we all ran back “together.” We didn’t really run back together at all. Allison stopped for a bathroom break, and the other three kept going. I waited for her, and we ran along until we caught Emily, who didn’t feel well and was walking. We caught back up to Gtree and Barb at the water stop on LAB. Even though I asked them to wait so we would all run together, they took off.

It’s for the best as my knees were killing me. I had planned to run 7-8 miles, but Barb asked me to run 10 with her. I felt fine going out LAB and onto Scenic, etc. I didn’t really start hurting until around 6-7 miles into the run. Allison was also hurting so we walked quite a bit the last 3 miles (probably half of those last 3 miles). My IT bands and knees really screamed about that run the rest of the day despite minimal stretching and soaking in Barton Springs. Ah, if there was only time for sitting around with ice on my legs.

We need more poetry in the world. Also, if anyone has seen my cat, Simi, tell her we want her to find her way back home.


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