I have a new job.
I haven’t run much.
My new job is full-time.
My achy running knees have been bothering me.
It’s all an adjustment.
I ran a whopping 5-mile long run Sunday morning.
Is it okay to mention I’m scared of 7th graders?
Elijah rode his bike with me on my run.
My kids will ride the bus to and from school.
It was a glorious morning run.
It’s hard letting them go…and grow.
You may run 10, 15, 20 miles, but I had cherished time with my son.
I don’t get to be so present anymore.
Maybe it’s time to shift to a new hobby?
I do feel blessed. Uh huh, I do. That’s right.
I like the idea of cooking sit-down-together dinners each night for my family.
Who wouldn’t with such a family as this?
I might leave the running to the runners. You out there, Runners?

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