I ran yesterday, and I enjoyed it. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a run the way I remember enjoying them last fall and winter and even last spring. I enjoyed the actual running and not just the company (which was Sweet Elijah on his bike). I enjoyed the running and not just the trees, flowers, or other things that often catch my eye.

I ran “fast” and enjoyed it. It felt good to push.

I have been contemplating quitting running. Try something new? Join a soccer team? Give in to being a Mommy who works full-time? Read over run? Invent a way for me to read and run at the same time?

I’m not sure if I’ll train for any races. 3M is still a possibility, but I can’t really commit since I’m still getting used to working full-time.

I also did Digital Cable Exercising Thursday morning at 5:30am. Not bad, not bad. DV was running, and I considered leaving the boys alone in the house while I ran up and down the street in front of the house. Good parenting won out though, so I had an early morning date with the TV for some total body sculpting. Maybe if I keep it up, I’ll actually sculpt something.

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