Two notables during my “long” run this past Saturday.

The first highlight came before I even made it to Runtex, and that my friends, is heated seats. Our new-to-us vehicle is super fancy with all the bells and whistles, and one of those whistles is coming in real handy on cold mornings. My bottom cringed when I sat on the cold leather as I headed out. With a little flick of my finger, I turned the heating on to high. Ah, what a great invention, and decadence I’m happy to claim in our car. It might give new meaning to “hot cross buns” on those early mornings during marathon (or summin like that) training. If you don’t get the “cross” part, then I’m sorry for you.

Second highlight was running with Erin for 4 miles – a meager warm-up for her race the next day but a long run for me. I had wanted to run longer but the lure of running with someone (and a friend!) kept me at 4 miles. Which was fine. I also saw Gtree and Leslie after their long run. I love seeing those smiling faces. Makes me almost want to train for 3M. Almost. I’m not there yet. I’m licking my lips and thinking about it.

Sunday morning I was Captain of the St. Andrew’s water stop. My dear, sweet friend Sarah came to help me captain all the BlueCru kids and parents.

It was a really great experience, and I always love cheering at races. I had some wistfulness watching runners go by. Part of me wished I was running, but a larger part remembered how bad of a race I had last year (all my own fault).

I ran 5 times last week, which is a record for me since starting my full-time job (the one that pays b/c I’ve had a full-time job since Jan 14, 2000). Keep me honest folks. Make me keep it up. Looking forward to Circuit tonight. Yeah, I do like Circuit. I really do.

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