What Kind of Runner I Am

Ah, running. What can I say?

Humid, sticky long run last Friday morning with Sarah, Barb and Leslie A. Felt like a moist spring viagra from canada morning. Doesn’t G-tree dislike me saying “moist” or was that someone else? G-tree, here’s a “moist” shout-out for ya. 😉

Circuit is still one of my favorites. Can’t get used to this Texas weather even though I’ve never lived anywhere else. Wanted fewer clothes running on Friday. Wanted more clothes Monday night at the AHS track for circuit. Perfect weather for running today, and I see some cold air is on slate for tomorrow. Maybe this year I’ll finally purchase decent running tights??

A perfect time this afternoon with my boys. A bit of whining on their part for going to the trail (really, it wasn’t me whining for a change). Once they settled it that we were going to the trail to bike and run, they were fine. We headed out the NE side of the trail to the 5 mile marker and back. I wanted a short tempo run, but it’s always hard with kids in tow (they were on their bikes).

Joshua asked for a stop at a lovely little tree patch before the wooden foot bridge east of The Four Seasons. There’s a little art statue thing that we admired. About 20 ducks were having a river party, and Joshua looked like a model lazily leaning against a gorgeous tree in its fall party clothes. The squirrels were like kittens scampering up for food. Some kind soul had left some peanuts on the statue, which we we tossed to them. I really think I could have petted them if I’d wanted to. They came closer when we did the “Tchk-Tchk-Tchk” of kitten and cat calling.

So, we took about a 5-minute break during my tempo run. I think that says a lot about what kind of runner I am. I don’t know many folks who pay much attention to the stunning scenery offered at Lady Bird Lake. If they do, most are too serious to actually stop. That stop Joshua requested today was the highlight of my run and my day.

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