This must be the race meant for me!

Fat Ass Trail Run

I don’t miss the long runs.
There’s no time in my day to miss them.
Sarah and I have been cycling toward Rosedale on March 28.
It’s hard to get back in gear.
All of our long rides,
I’ve wondered how I rode 25 miles in the middle of a triathlon.
Man, I was in shape then.

So, dv laid out his goals for the world to read (whoever might the world be?).
I shall do the same, but I warn you. If you are here to read about running goals, you might need to hop off the track.

1. Complete 3 projects that have been looming over me for months and months. Complete them by May 15.

2. Rosedale Ride on March 28 – 65 miles

3. Rogue Trail Series:
May 3 – The Maze 10K Trail Run
May 31 – The Loop 10K Trail Run (they scheduled this early this year just for me, I’m sure!)
June 21 – The Bluff 10K Trail Run (um, sounds scary for clumsy folk)

And now, the Pièce de résistance:

4. Clean up my poems and write this summer. I won’t be working. I’ll have hours to compose while my kids swim and play. I am always writing in my head, so my big goal is to put pen to paper. Even if no one ever reads them. Yup. Maybe one day, I’ll go to a writing workshop. Or a bunch of workshops. I think they call that an MFA.

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