Fall Back

Today was a glorious outside day.

We took our kids and 4 neighborhood kids to the park where I ran 3 miles. So, whoop-de-doo, you say? Well, I’ve had plantar fasciitis since July. PF took over my life in a cruel way. I didn’t want to walk to the kitchen for fear of intense pain in my heel and foot, and running was not even on my map. For months, I have just wanted to walk and stand without pain. I honestly didn’t care if I ever ran again if I could just go about normal life without pain.

My foot is still sore a lot, but I’ve been able to slowly build up to running. I started barefoot in grass several weeks ago. It’s been up and down with the running just like this entire injury. One day, my foot feels good, and then I’m back to grimacing with pain.

However, today is a new day. I hope to fall back into running regularly. I miss it and my running friends. Let’s hope my foot is happy tomorrow, so that I might see those friendly Gazelles soon. 🙂

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