Viele Lake Fishing Report

Today’s fishing at Viele Lake was a picture-perfect day, but absolutely no fish anywhere to be seen or caught. I usually at least see some sunfish or the occasional bass swimming by, but today was completely dead. There was one other fisherman out, and we were both bank fishing with lightweight spinning rods. Small non-motorized boats are allowed on the lake, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in use by a fisherman. The lake only recently (in the last couple of days) de-iced, so the fish are still probably dormant at the bottom of their hollows. The lake is not deep (probably 10 feet at the deepest), and even though Viele Lake is a constant-level lake, the water level is still a bit low before Spring runoff.

Viele Lake in Boulder Colorado
Viele Lake in Boulder, Colorado ©Familyvance

I expect the fishing at Viele Lake to improve as we get into Spring and Summer, and even if I don’t catch anything, the lunchtime respite from my office is too tempting to pass up.

When: Noon, Mar 16, 2015
Weather: Sunny, Calm, 74 degrees
Lure/Bait: Mini crank bait
Action: None

Feature image (top of post) of Viele Lake and Harlow Platts Park in Boulder, Colorado by Shoshie8 from Wikimedia

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