Cub Lake at Rocky Mountain National park

Cub Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Another awesome hike, awesome lake, awesome place, awesome thing of some awe.

Cub Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park
Cub Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park

Did we ever mention that we love Rocky Mountain National Park? There’s not a bad hike in the whole park, and just the average view is better than any view you’ll see elsewhere. The $60 annual pass we buy every year is totally worth it.

Jessica and I snowshoed the Cub Lake trail the previous year, but never found the actual lake as we lost the trail somewhere in the beautiful snowdrift trees. Which was fine, because it was still an awesome trek. Anyway, we decided to try Cub Lake again without the snow, and hopefully actually make it to the lake. My sister was along as well.

Cub Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park

The Cub Lake trailhead is in Morraine Park just past the campground. There are a couple small parking areas but they fill up fast. We arrived around 9 a.m. and got one of the last spaces. Later arrivals park on the street.

The first part of the hike is through Morraine Park, with hopefully a sight of some elk grazing in the meadows. After a mile or so the hike climbs a bit through trees. There was an excellent birding spot just in the trees which Jessica could have remained at all day. But we pressed on and not too much further we arrived at the lake.

We enjoyed a snack on a rock. I wet a line looking for some trout but came up empty, then trudged through a bog in further attempt at fish with no luck. The trail and the lake weren’t too crowded with only a few other groups. Total distance is around five miles I guess, and while it’s at elevation, it’s probably one of the easier RMNP lakes to hike. Would definitely recommend.

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