Hall Ranch Day Hike Near Boulder

It’s always great to get outside, and we’re sincerely grateful to have lovely places like Hall Ranch near Boulder, and the freedom and opportunity to enjoy them. That said, there’s nothing calling us back to the trails of Hall Ranch after our perfectly pleasant Sunday outing.

Still great weather for the first of November. Relatively close to Boulder (twenty minute drive, a few miles past Lyons on Highway 7). Very popular with mountain bikers (dudes, always dudes). There are a couple of no-bikes-allowed trails, including the Nighthawk Trail, which we took for a four mile out-and-back hike. Some nice birding for Jessica (Townsend’s Solitaire?) when we went through a small grove of trees. Otherwise, nothing memorable considering the other options nearby. In fact, we didn’t even take any pictures, that’s how nondescript the hike was.

Perhaps it was us, and not the trail, that was so ordinary that day, but often, on other trails, the trail itself can transform our ordinary selves into something greater. Not so on this day.

6/10. Might make a good trail-running excursion.

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