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Sandstone Ranch Fishing Report

A quick note about fishing at Sandstone Ranch. Recently I was talking to the guy behind the counter at Longmont Indoor Soccer when he mentioned he caught a nice pound or so bass at Sandstone Ranch. He even whipped out a picture on his phone. Since Josh practices and plays his home soccer games at Sandstone Ranch, I’m there pretty often. There is one small pond on the South side of the soccer fields, which I’ve fished before with only mild success (a few sunfish and very, very small bass).

Bass caught at Sandstone Ranch, March 2016

So a couple days later I’m at one of Josh’s soccer games and wander over to the pond to try my luck. The pond is very small, maybe a hundred yards long and twenty yards wide. On the Southwest end of the pond are some reeds, and after about 10 minutes I pulled out what was probably the same fish the other guy caught and photographed. Weather was fairly warm for Spring in Colorado, and I caught the bass on a little crankbait by the reeds. I had a couple other bites in the same area, but nothing elsewhere, and didn’t land anything else in the 20 minutes I wet a line. I’ve only had success on the west bank, and never caught anything on the east bank, for whatever that’s worth in a pond that size.

Anywho, the sad part is that’s probably the nicest bass I’ve caught in the Boulder area since we moved here three years ago (Sandstone is actually in Weld County, East of Longmont).

Happy Fishing.

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