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Sunday, August 26, 2007

"You're not the boss of me!"

Saturday's long run was really enjoyable. I was concerned that I'd wake up dizzy and have to call Gayatri to back out of the run. Lucky for me, I wasn't dizzy.

It was an experimental morning though as we had our 11.5 year old niece, Lindsay, over to act as babysitter. David met up with his group at 5:30am. I left at 7am. David would be back home between 8am and 9am, so the kids would have 1-2 hours alone. We figured most of that would be sleeping time, and thus Lindsay spent the night and would be in charge in the morning. Elijah was up around 8:30am and watching HGTV. David was home at 9am, and he woke Joshua up at 9:30am. Lindsay woke up at 10am. So I guess, in reality, Elijah was in charge in the morning. :o)

Back to my run. I pulled into the parking lot at Robert E. Lee and saw Kerri, Guy, Curtis and Curtis' girlfriend. While waiting for Gayatri, I tried to talk Kerri into running with us. Gayatri pulls up, and we start out. Before we get 10 feet, Yvette pulls in, and now we are all set.

We planned to run to Hula Hut and back to give us 6 miles. I was happy with that distance considering my lack of long runs the past few weeks. When I have done a long run, it's been at home around the 'hood for a set amount of time rather than distance.

I had poured myself and David a thick, creamy, store-bought chocolate milk recovery drink and packed it for after our runs. So the first part of our run, I was looking for him returning from his run. We saw him near the 1.5 mile marker. He was running full speed, as he does at the end of his long runs. I waved my key at him to give him a warning. The key-switch could only have slowed him down maybe 2 seconds, as I ran my fastest with him to swap. Later I learned he was not worried about his time but his legs. He said they were feeling leadish and any slow down made the run harder.

We left Kerri at the The Rock water as she decided to run on the trail. So Yvette, Gayatri, and I headed out to Lake Austin Blvd and Hula Hut. The run was fine. I felt fine and was happy to go slow. I forgot my watch so had know idea how long we'd been running. Yvette had said our first mile was a 10.40 pace, which surprised me b/c I thought we were going so slow. I know I slowed down the rest of the run b/c Yvette kept pulling away from me and Gayatri.

We said hello to all sorts of Gazelles along the way. We got the Gazelle water (which tasted like mildewy water hose or funky ice, btw), and then we started back. It didn't seem like it had been 3 miles, so I knew the run would be pleasant.

The last mile, Gayatri's shoulders were really bothering her. She'd done a really intense yoga workout Friday, and her shoulders were telling her all about it. I have a saying that I've said for years and years: "You're not the boss of me!" You have to say it in a certain voice, so we started joking around with it. "Shoulders, you're not the boss of me!" Really emphasize the "Sh" in shoulders. It made us laugh and got Gayatri distracted from the annoying shoulder aches. We talked about how frustrating it is to have your legs and breathing feel great but have some other painful ailment that just won't stop and makes you want to stop running. Now we have another tool to get through..."Shoulders! You're not the boss of me! Shoulders!" Grit your teeth a little at the end of "shoulders" and drag the last syallable out. It's fun. I promise.

I drank my chocolate milk, and it was yummo. Learned later that David wanted to hurl when he drank his. Must be something about running at lightning speed. Yvette had to leave, so it was just me and Gayatri soaking in Barton Springs. I had a white shirt and white bra on and didn't intend to get totally wet, but the current pulled up to my Shoulders! Gayatri assured me though that my shirt would dry fast and that no, I did not look like I was in a wet t-shirt contest. We agreed that from now on we'd wear black bras under white shirts. Any woman knows that it always rains on the day you wear your white running shirt, and I don't mean a little sprinkle. I mean torrential downpoar soaking your shirt. I have gotten used to running with "headlights" and don't even care anymore when I catch people looking (I did breastfeed 2 kids and breastfeeding moms don't need an explanation of perpetual headlights). But I'm not comfortable with see-through shirts and bras, and if Gayatri had said she could see-through my shirt, I would not have gone to stretching. I hope she didn't tell me a fib.

We got to stretching late, but we did do some good stretches on our own and some with the group. I headed home to find fresh pancakes waiting for me.

On our run, I saw one and only one hot guy running. He took my breath away. Of course it's my husband, and of course I'm biased. But he's lovely. Have you seen him? I wonder if I think he's so amazing b/c I love him. Or b/c I know he's mine. Would I think he's so beautiful if I wasn't married to him? I have to say I would.



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