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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Joshua loves Wilke

Wilke wasn't so bad. Honestly, there's not a work out I can think of that is harder or more painful than a few parts of the MS150. Wilke is steep and long, but it's over in a few minutes or less. Tempo is painful and often makes me anxious, but again, it's over with rather quickly compared to 165 miles into the wind.

I only did 4 up and 2 backward b/c I'm still in recovery-mode from the MS150. I do think this week will bring back my normal workouts. Joshua, who is 6 years old I remind you, did 6 forward Wilkes yesterday. Can anyone other than Gilbert and Joshua boast of doing the same number of Wilke repeats as their age?

The Maze is this weekend. We've been so busy getting the house in order to sell that we've kind of let that race go. I'm not ready to do that, so I talked Gayatri into running it with me as a long run and not a race (as if I "race" anyway). Hopefully it will work out that we can do it because it was really a fun run last year.

More Joshie-isms:

"I'm a good forgetter, so if you want me to forget something, tell me."

Correction from the previous post: "I love sports, bugs, sleep, and Star Wars." Ah...we surely couldn't forget Joshua's love of bugs.

"Who's faster, you or Nate?" (Nate is Joshua's guitar teacher and runs in the 5k/10k class)

"Who's faster, Nate or Daddy?"

"Who's faster, Daddy or Bernard?"

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