Mama Mea: The Cartoon

Joshua likes cartooning. He often comes home from school with new creations. His latest creations concern a squirrel who witnesses rather violent, random accidents and exclaims, “ma ma mea”. We think they’re pretty funny, and at least he is learning something at school. Until I can get the originals online, I tried to re-create his…

Joshua the Athlete

Joshua loves sports. Triathlons and Track Meets are no different. Joshua competed in the Hill Country Kids’ Triathlon on July 21. You can see pictures of him here. Later that same day, he ran in a
track meet. He ran the 400m, 200m, Sprint Medley Relay (leg 1 – 200m), and he did the long jump. Elijah ran the 100m in the track meet, as well. Click here to see more track meet photos.