Fishing Near Boulder

KOA Lake Fishing

KOA Lake Fishing

KOA Lake is a small urban lake in an industrial section of East Boulder, Colorado. A co-worker who is a native Boulder resident says KOA Lake is so-named because there used to be a KOA campground at the location. I often fish at KOA Lake because of it's...
Viele Lake Fishing

Viele Lake Fishing

Viele Lake at Harlow Platts Park is a small community park lake in a residential area of Boulder, Colorado. The lake lies next to Fairview High School in South Boulder, just down the hill from the NCAR Mesa Lab, and in the shadow of Bear Mountain. During...
Walden Ponds and Sawhill Ponds Fishing

Walden Ponds and Sawhill Ponds Fishing

Walden Ponds and Sawhill Ponds are two separate, but connected, series of ponds located in Eastern Boulder County that offer mediocre fishing, lots of birdwatching, and dozens of trails. Since we live nearby, I fish these two areas a lot, but often struggle...

Recent Fishing Reports

Fishing and Hiking at Golden Gate Canyon State Park - Jessica, Scooter and I spent the day at Golden Gate Canyon State Park in early June for some fishing, birding and hiking. The park is about 15 miles west of Golden and about 45 minutes from our house. As a State Park, you need to pay a fee to enter, so we stopped at the […]
Rainbow Trout Fishing Report at Waneka Lake - Waneka Lake is a heavy-use urban reservoir of about 55 acres in Lafayette, Colorado. The official website says the lake is stocked with bluegill, carp, crappie, large and smallmouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish and yellow perch, but a co-worker of mine recently mentioned that trout are occasionally stocked. He pointed me to the Colorado Parks and […]
Weightless Texas-Rig Plastic Worms at Sawhill Ponds and Coot Lake - How is that for a blog entry title? A few weeks ago our realtor mentioned that he caught several nice two-pound bass at Sawhill Ponds on weightless, Texas-rig plastic worms. Pictures and everything, but I was incredulous … first because I couldn’t believe there were bass that big in Sawhill Ponds, and second because I […]
Sawhill Ponds Fishing Report - I caught a fish at Sawhill Ponds last weekend. The weather was cold and dreary, the ponds were deserted. The lure was a tiny crankbait. I think the fish is a black Crappie (see picture below). What do you think? Related Content:Sawhill Ponds Fishing Report by David March 17, 2015 I usually don't like to […]
Sandstone Ranch Fishing Report - A quick note about fishing at Sandstone Ranch. Recently I was talking to the guy behind the counter at Longmont Indoor Soccer when he mentioned he caught a nice pound or so bass at Sandstone Ranch. He even whipped out a picture on his phone. Since Josh practices and plays his home soccer games at […]
Colorado Weekend: Fishing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing - This past weekend was a “why doesn’t everyone live in Colorado” weekend. Started out Friday evening with birding for Jessica and fishing at Sawhill Ponds and Walden Ponds for me. I only caught a tiny bass, but I never catch much at Walden or Sawhill, and this trip was no exception, but as usual it’s […]
Rainbow Lakes in Indian Peaks Wilderness Rainbow Lakes - Rainbow Lakes is a series of lakes in the Indian Peaks Wilderness about 45 minutes from Boulder between Nederland and Ward. The trailhead is five miles up a fairly rough dirt road off Highway 72 and sits at around 10,000 feet elevation. There is a very popular campground, a short two mile trail to the […]
Golden Ponds Fishing Report - Fished at Golden Ponds Park in Longmont on the morning of Saturday June 6, 2015. Golden Ponds consists of three ponds in a rather urban area of Northwest Longmont. Golden Ponds Park and Nature area receives heavy traffic from dog walkers, joggers, picnickers, birders, and of course fisher people. I’ve never had trouble parking in […]
Sawhill Ponds Fishing Report - I usually don’t like to fish at Sawhill Ponds or it’s sister Walden Ponds, but driving home from work today I decided to stop by Sawhill Ponds. I hardly catch anything at these mostly over-fished and fished-out ponds. I guess I’ve got the seasonal fishing bug. Even though the day was a beautiful day in […]
Viele Lake Fishing Report - Today’s fishing at Viele Lake was a picture-perfect day, but absolutely no fish anywhere to be seen or caught. I usually at least see some sunfish or the occasional bass swimming by, but today was completely dead. There was one other fisherman out, and we were both bank fishing with lightweight spinning rods. Small non-motorized […]