We hike a fair amount, mostly near Boulder and in Rocky Mountain National Park or Indian Peaks Wilderness. Here is a list of some of our favorite hiking trails near Boulder. Some trails allow dogs, some trails are longer than others, some more picturesque, some great for kids, others have fishing spots, grand views, birding, flowers, meadows, etc. All of the hiking trails near Boulder, or in Rocky Mountain National Park or Indian Peaks Wilderness, have been personally hiked by us and are familyvance approved. In Winter, many of these trails are great for snowshoeing!


Boulder has an abundance of trails and open space available for hiking. There are more than listed here, but these are some of our most hiked trails.

  • Anne U. White Trail
  • Bald Mountain
  • Betasso Preserve
  • Bobolink Trail
  • Boulder Creek Path
  • Boulder Valley Ranch
  • Caribou Ranch
  • Ceran St. Vrain
  • Chatauqua
  • Coot Lake
  • Dodd Reservoir
  • Dry Creek Trail
  • East Boulder Trail
  • Golden Ponds
  • Flatirons Vista Trail
  • Green Mountain
  • Hall Ranch
  • Heil Valley Ranch
  • Lagerman Reservoir
  • Marshall Mesa
  • McIntosh Lake
  • Mount Sanitas
  • Mud Lake
  • NCAR
  • Niwot Trails
  • Rabbit Mountain
  • Red Rocks Trail
  • Sandstone Ranch
  • Sawhill Ponds
  • St. Vrain Greenway
  • Teller Farms
  • Twin Lakes
  • Walden Ponds
  • Waneka Lake
  • White Rocks

Indian Peaks Wilderness

Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Alberta Falls
  • Bear Lake
  • Bierstadt Lake
  • Cub Lake
  • Lake Haiyaha
  • Ouzel Falls
  • Sprague Lake
  • Upper Beaver Meadows
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