Sledding Hill Near Our House in Boulder
Sledding Hill Near Our House in Boulder
There are plenty of Winter sledding opportunities in and near Boulder, Colorado. If you’re coming to see us, there is a great sledding hill in our neighborhood, only a ten minute walk away. It’s even big enough to snowboard if you don’t mind a really, really short ride.

There are many other sledding hills in and around Boulder, with two of the most popular being Scott Carpenter Park and Chautauqua Park. Scott Carpenter Park is a nice gentle hill in the middle of Boulder that will be pretty crowded if there is a good snow. Chautauqua Meadow is a popular open space nestled against the foothills that allows sledding if conditions warrant.

If there’s little snow in Boulder, you may have to go to the mountains for sledding. For can’t miss, definite sledding, you’ll have to go to either Winter Park or Rocky Mountain National Park.

The sledding hill at Rocky Mountain National Park is called Hidden Valley. It is about an hour from our house, and Google says it’s 1hr 16 mins from downtown Boulder. Google also says the road in the Park to the sledding hill is closed in the winter, but it’s only closed past Hidden Valley. Usually, they *should* have enough snow, but it can be hit or miss, and it’s possible they won’t. It can also be very windy and cold here, so come prepared.

Hidden Valley Sledding at Rocky Mountain National Park
Hidden Valley Sledding at Rocky Mountain National Park

Even if you can’t sled, Rocky Mountain National Park is awesome, and Estes Park, the city at the entrance to the Park, is a cool little town to visit for an afternoon.

Winter Park is another option for sledding, and is about an 1hr 40 minute drive from Boulder. You have to go over a pass, but you’ll be guaranteed sledding at their tube ride.

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