David Does Winter

David posted a couple of videos recently on the Familyvance YouTube Channel that we hope you’ll watch as an enticement to come visit Colorado in Winter. Our Texas friends and family always blanch at visiting in Winter because they think it’s too cold. It’s not, it’s awesome weather for being outside, and it makes sitting by the fire afterward all the more special.

The first video is just to show what it’s like to run in Winter through snow and ice (spoiler: not that bad, kind of fun). The second video is a trip to Eldora to snowboard and ski with his sister, Valerie and family. Only Valerie appears in the video, but there should be another video produced soon that will show Elijah, Joshua, Lindsay, Lauren … the whole crew.

The videos are a little wobbly, but hopefully they give you an idea about living in a winter wonderland. We mostly love it because of adventures like these. Enjoy.

David Goes Running

David Goes Snowboarding

Pearl Street Holiday Lights

Since the Brazilians visited, the family has been extra motivated to “vlog”, to create and share our life through video (hopefully resulting in massive wealth and Youtube stardom). So the other night, after watching the somewhat disappointing Star Wars, we took a stroll down Pearl Street in Boulder, taking in the holiday lights and festive atmosphere.

Most of the video and photos were taken by Elijah, and he did all of the editing, learning a new skill and discovering the tedium that is video editing. Expect more videos coming your way. Hope you enjoy.

Travel and Share

We recently hosted a lovely couple from Brazil who are traveling the world and sharing their exploits on social media. Romulo and Mirella hatched a plan two years ago to see the world, and they’re making their dream come true through the kindness of strangers (like us) and a lot of hard work.

Romulo and Mirella share a night of Christmas tree decoration with Familyvance.

They started in South America, drove through Central America, and have spent the last ten months traveling the United States. They create a new video every day for their YouTube channel, post to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and probably other sites I’ve never heard of. They have sponsors helping pay their way, do odd jobs for cash, and make friends along the way. Most of their media is in Portuguese, but don’t let that stop you from sharing. It’s a lovely language.

Our friend Aron has hosted them and become good friends with them, so when they came through Boulder recently, he hooked us up with them and we offered our guest room for a night. They joined us for a special evening of dinner, laughter and Christmas decorating. Apparently Christmas is a low-key affair in Brazil (it’s summer down there!), so the whole Christmas tree, ornament and lights thing was new and novel to them.

Travel and Share visit Familyvance.

Their videos and photos catalog an amazing life of adventures, and we’re just one more along the way. They hope to go to Europe next, then who knows where? We encourage you to follow them on their journey, and maybe it will inspire you like it has us.