Rainbow Trout Fishing Report at Waneka Lake

Waneka Lake is a heavy-use urban reservoir of about 55 acres in Lafayette, Colorado. The official website says the lake is stocked with bluegill, carp, crappie, large and smallmouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish and yellow perch, but a co-worker of mine recently mentioned that trout are occasionally stocked. He pointed me to the Colorado Parks and […]

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Sandstone Ranch Fishing Report

A quick note about fishing at Sandstone Ranch. Recently I was talking to the guy behind the counter at Longmont Indoor Soccer when he mentioned he caught a nice pound or so bass at Sandstone Ranch. He even whipped out a picture on his phone. Since Josh practices and plays his home soccer games at […]

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David Does Winter

David posted a couple of videos recently on the Familyvance YouTube Channel that we hope you’ll watch as an enticement to come visit Colorado in Winter. Our Texas friends and family always blanch at visiting in Winter because they think it’s too cold. It’s not, it’s awesome weather for being outside, and it makes sitting […]

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Happy Birthday, David!

Today is David’s 36th birthday.

Driving home from school, Elijah and Joshua were talking in the back seat as usual. They started talking about grades in school and how when Elijah is in 4th grade, Joshua will be in 2nd grade and so on. They went on through middle school and high school.

Joshua said, “12th grade is the last grade.”

I replied, “And then you go to college.”

Joshua then said in the sweetest, most sincere voice, “You go to college, then you get married, then you get a baby, and then you live happily ever after.”

I hope he’s learning from example.

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