KOA Lake is a small urban lake in an industrial section of East Boulder, Colorado. A co-worker who is a native Boulder resident says KOA Lake is so-named because there used to be a KOA campground at the location. I often fish at KOA Lake because of it’s proximity to our house (and it’s location along my commute home), and the fact that it has been, for me, one of my most successful fishing spots in Boulder. I almost always catch at least one fish at KOA Lake, and often catch a handful of fish in a short period of time. One evening last summer I caught about six bass in 15 minutes, one every few casts. I also catch crappie and sunfish, and though the fish usually aren’t large, it has been a reliable fish-producing lake.

KOA Lake in Boulder, Colorado, June 7, 2013
KOA Lake in Boulder, Colorado, June 7, 2013

KOA Lake lies just off Valmont Road and 57th Street, along the Boulder Creek path, and next to the Western Disposal Services headquarters. Only about 70% of the lake is fishable from the bank as the Western Disposal complex occupies about a third of the Eastern shoreline. Parking is available on 57th street where there are a couple of gates into the lake boundaries. However, you can also access the lake from the Boulder Creek path where there are no gates or fences. I’m not sure why KOA Lake has a fence and gate as you can just walk Southwest about 50 yards along the path and the fence disappears.

Boats are not allowed on KOA Lake, and though I often see other bank fishermen at KOA Lake, the high fishing pressure hasn’t seemed to lessen the production. The North bank consistently produces the most fish for me, with the narrow inlet at the Southwest corner next to the bike path the next best spot. I’ve never had any luck on the southern shore, and the eastern shore is inaccessible.

KOA Lake isn’t the most picturesque pond in Boulder, and the fish aren’t large (at least the one’s I catch), but it is a reliable spot for actually getting a fish on your line.

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