Lil' Joshie

Joshua is obsessed with baseball. All he wants to do is swing a bat or throw a ball.

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If he can’t do that, he even likes to watch it on television. He loves helmets and hats and gloves. Sometimes it gets him into trouble, sometimes it leads to humor….

Jessica says the other day Joshua was hitting Elijah with a bat. Poor Elijah. But he can take care of himself, and he’s articulate. He turned to his brother and said, “Joshua! I’m a man, not a ball!”

I think that is very funny.



Giving the Solar System

E. woke me up at a little after 7, said “i want to do the solar system.” i said he could do it at 730. joshie woke up at 725. he wanted milk, mommy milk, baby milk, not cow milk….
At 730am i gave elijah the solar system (a build-your-own mobile type thing) and he was playing with it on our bed. then i went to take a shower and when i got out everything was on the floor. i asked “did joshie do that?” elijah said, “yeah, he likes to spit, bite and throw things.”

hahahaha. elijah was so calm about it, and joshie was just laying on our bed sucking his thumb.

cool cats both.