Elijah Life in Colorado

Elijah emails his friends and Kealing teachers

I wanted to let everyone know how I have been. Right now in Boulder, it is snowing and about 15 degrees.

Feb 21 Snow

At my school, we recently entered the world record for largest performed cell mitosis. In French, we have been working on clothes, and have recently started working on activities and vacation time. In History, we obviously don’t study Texas, so we are working on east-southeast Asia and Australia and New Zealand.

In English, we are reading Bud Not Buddy, and are working on preparing for our TCAP (Colorado STAAR or TAKS). In Algebra, my class has just finished our unit on exponents, scientific notation, and adding, subtracting, multiplying polynomials, as well as solving polynomial equations.

In Science, we have started our CSI unit, after studying genetics. I also am a teacher assistant for the sixth grade history teacher, and I am in 3D Art.

I enjoy hiking and snowshoeing during my free time. I have made 4 friends at my new school, Zach, Peter, Colin, and Vinu.

I can’t wait to come to Texas and hopefully visit Kealing before school in Austin is out.

Your student, friend, and classmate,
Elijah Vance


Unusual, Busy, and Fantastic

Majestic Castles, High tech trains. Europe can be a pretty unusual and busy place. So going there last summer is the best thing that has ever happened to me. If it is such an unusual and busy place why did I choose going there as the best thing that has ever happened to me?

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I guess I’ll just have to tell you…

The food is as tasty as the finest chocolate you’ve ever eaten. Whenever I needed a snack we would get a pain au chocolat. Since food is so expensive, my brother and I had to share a hambon e fromage (ham & cheese) and an orangina. In London we always had a scrumpsious breakfast of eggs, toast, cereal and bacon made by Sue. Once we had fish and chips, and I wish we had more.

Cars streaking, bells ringing, Europe is a place for noise. Near Westminster Abbey Big Ben chimes as loud as an elephant on a rampage. But in Paris Notre Dame sings its sweet tune. In the metro station an earsplitting noise comes from a train roaring down the track.

The art in Europe is amazing, the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Egyptian Hyroglyphs, everything you could imagine. The British Mueseam had Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, and modern artwork. In the Lourve there are statues and paintings and weavings and hangings. When we were in Toulouse, we went to the art museam where my cousin had a little paper thing on display.

London, exquisite and unique, was the last place I went on my trip. Sue, our bed and breakfast owner was very pleasing. She gave us instructions to our tube/subway stop which we needed very much because everywhere we went and everything we went to had a tube stop. We went to Greenwich, where the prime meridian is, and stood in two different hemispheres at once. We also went to Westminster Abby. I saw the gaves of Henry VII, Elizabeth I, Mary I (aka Bloddy Mary) and Chaucer.

Europe, as I found out, isn’t just unusual and busy but fantastic too. What I thought at first was “Oh it’s just going to be just a lot of paintings and churches”, but when I went I found I was completely wrong. I chose going here as the best thing that has ever happened to me, and if you go to Europe I hope you will too.

[Editor’s note: This essay was written by Elijah for a 4th grade writing assignment and reposted here with permission.]

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It’s a Major Award

I never win anything, and technically, I still didn’t win anything.

I nominated Elijah’s teacher, Michael Massad, for Mix 94.7 & Whataburger’s “Austin’s Favorite Teacher” contest. Well, he won! They picked my nomination. I was giddy because Mr. Massad deserves this award. I wish I had my nomination letter to post.

More Photos (you’ll have to scroll through Track & Field)

And here’s Heather Rivera’s blog post.

Congratulations, Mr. Massad!


Happy 8th Birthday, Elijah!

Happy Birthday to our Wolf Cub!


Happy 7th Birthday, Elijah!