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It’s a Major Award

I never win anything, and technically, I still didn’t win anything.

I nominated Elijah’s teacher, Michael Massad, for Mix 94.7 & Whataburger’s “Austin’s Favorite Teacher” contest. Well, he won! They picked my nomination. I was giddy because Mr. Massad deserves this award. I wish I had my nomination letter to post.

More Photos (you’ll have to scroll through Track & Field)

And here’s Heather Rivera’s blog post.

Congratulations, Mr. Massad!

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San Marcos 50

Sunday, March 22 – 50 mile ride to San Marcos with Sarah, Dianne & Michelle. There were some very slow-going spots due to a combo of wind and inclines. We finally got to San Marcos about 45 minutes later than planned.

Dianne’s hubby Marc was waiting with their son, Alex.

See, I’m not the only family who has to swap out workouts and take turns and do all sorts of somersaults just so both parents have a turn to train.

Dianne and Michelle had only planned to ride to SM, so they were blissfully loading up their bikes while Sarah and I stretched and braced ourselves for the ride back with Marc. The ride back was much more pleasant and much less windy, and we finished that same distance 30 minutes faster.

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Obligatory 3M Report

My 3M experience is forgettable. I’m happy for Sarah as she did fabulous.

We rarely had a training run where both of us felt good.

One week, I’d be feeling superb while Sarah struggled. The next week I was whining (as usual) while Sarah was strong.

It didn’t matter the distance or terrain. It didn’t matter if it was thick and warm or crunchy and cool. We ran at odd times to accommodate our odd-mom schedules. There was one long run where we both felt like crap. We met at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon as that was the soonest we could both meet. We advise anyone to avoid running at 1pm on a fairly empty stomach.

I wasn’t as dedicated this year. I didn’t run as much or train as long. I started out fine, and Sarah and I had a race plan. I think it was between mile 2 and 3 that I knew something was wrong with me. I shook it off and thought I’d feel better after a Gu at the 5.5 mile water stop. I didn’t really feel better at all. I think I whined a bunch. I slowed us down from our race goal. At mile 7 I got quit dizzy and pulled out. I sent Sarah on with instructions for the rest of the race. She didn’t want to leave me, but I didn’t want to mess her 1st half-marathon up for her.

I walked a bit and thought I could catch her. Each time I ran, I’d feel nauseous and as though I was running 400s rather than a snail pace. It ached everywhere. I saw Linda cheering between mile 8 and 9 and almost quit as I asked if her car was nearby. Then I thought of David. He’d finished already. He’d given fibers of himself he didn’t know were there (I’m not saying that b/c that is what he told me after the race, I’m saying that b/c that is what I knew at the time he’d done). I thought of him jogging back down the course to meet us, looking for me, seeing Sarah, hearing her say I was not well and back further, him running along and not finding me.

I kept going. I tried to run. I walked. I made it to Duval and started to cry. I hung my head as I passed cheering Gazelles hoping they wouldn’t recognize DV’s lame-ass wife. By this point, I knew David was close. I tried to stop crying. Tried to stop feeling sorry for myself for feeling sick and sucking. Then I saw him. He was running on the sidewalk toward me. I couldn’t hold back my stinging tears anymore. The woman next to me gave a surprised look at my sob as I wiped my eyes and shielded my face from the world.

He knew already that I wasn’t well. He’d passed all of my running friends: Erin, Barb, Gayatri, Leslie, and Sarah. He saw me struggle, saw me pull out and dry heave, heard me lament about the first 10 miles, and heard me whine. He stayed with me until the last 200 meters where he pealed off to avoid crossing the finish line again with his chip.

Even after the way I felt, how I struggled, how I wanted to quit from feeling sick and dizzy and weak, I felt like I didn’t try hard enough. Isn’t that funny?

No race ever has been that hard for me. I am glad I finished. I hate that I took so long to do it. I don’t want to hear cheer-me-ups or any such nonsense.

Let’s all clap for Sarah as she finished her first half-marathon! Now we are on to training of the Rosedale Ride on March 28.

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Fall Equinox

Happy first day of Autumn.

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In Texas, that just means we might notice that the daylight and darkness are exactly equal since we won’t be noticing any lovely leaf changes just yet. In honor of the Fall Equinox, I will post a beloved poem below (by my favorite poet, no less).

Since this is also supposed to be a blog about exercise/running, I will recap my feeble attempts at squeezing in time for a meaningful workout. Since I started my new (full-time) job, I have only managed to run twice/week.

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So last week, I vowed to change that (it also helps that a cool front blew in and I had to wear pants that I hadn’t donned for months and said pants were snug).

Monday – 900s at Zilker. Being out of shape reminded me why I used to despise this workout. It was good to see my 5k/10k buddies though. I warmed up (and even did drills!), and then the group completed 5 900s. Once again, I admit I’m sucky at running up hills.

Tuesday – Lifetime Fitness. We’ve been giving our money to this gym and then staying away. Perfect scenario for them. I did 30 minutes on that running elliptical machine, then took the boys to the outside pool and watched them shiver in the cool water and colder breeze.

Wednesday – Bootcamp with Richard. I had planned to run beforehand but plans were foiled on two fronts. I forgot a sports bra, and DV forgot Joshua’s bike helmet. I refuse to run without a sports bra, and my children aren’t allowed to bike without a helmet. Instead, Joshua and I strolled around the new pond next to Palmer Auditoreum while Elijah was at piano. It’s a really lovely little park area, and I quite enjoyed the time with Joshie. He’s recently been clingy, and I think it’s hit him that I work full-time now and am not around as much.
Bootcamp was awesome, btw. I really like that class and would go there over running on Wednesdays if I couldn’t do both.

Thursday – 2 miles around the Small Middle School track during Joshua’s football practice. It’s not much, but it’s more than before.

Friday – Does sitting in a chair for 2 hours getting my hair done count?

Saturday – Long run with Leslie and Elizabeth. They did 7 and I did 5?. I had to leave Runtex at 7:30am to get home in time to leave for Joshua’s flag football game. It was really nice to run with them both. I haven’t run with Elizabeth in ages. I also absolutely love running on the northeast side of the trail. It’s so breathtaking in places.

Now for the promised poem. It’s a good one, so please do read it. :o)

“Spring and Fall, to a Young Child”

Margaret, are you grieving
Over Goldengrove unleaving?
Leaves, like the things of man, you
With your fresh thoughts care for, can you?
Ah! as the heart grows older
It will come to such sights colder
By and by, nor spare a sigh
Though worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie;
And yet you will weep and know why.
Now no matter, child, the name:
Sorrow’s springs are the same.
Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed
What heart heard of, ghost guessed:
It is the blight man was born for,
It is Margaret you mourn for.

— Gerard Manley Hopkins

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What we need more of in the world


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There’s only two more weeks until school starts. My summer has flitted by with packing and unpacking, driving and waiting, sorting and cleaning, swimming and biking, and more packing and unpacking. Start of summer seems so long ago, but I haven’t much to show for the time. Perhaps I’m too hard on myself. Shouldn’t I have a finished home? Shouldn’t I be ready for my new job? Shouldn’t those memory books for last year’s class be done? Shouldn’t I be logging more than 10 miles on long runs?

Fiesta Texas: Monday, August 4. The boys had free tickets they earned through a school library reading program. Tickets expire August 10, so time was pinching in on me. I dreaded the crowds (I haven’t had much luck with Fiesta Texas), but I knew it wouldn’t rain (again, not much luck with FT).

It actually turned out to be a pleasant day despite my grouchiness early on. One I relaxed and noticed there really weren’t many folks there, I was fine. I think going on a Monday with a projected high of 106 F maybe kept some folks away. We stayed until 9pm, so we were plenty tired when we arrived home around 11pm (love eating Whataburger in the car on the way home).

The rest of my week was filled with work and not feeling well and mostly successful attempts to unpack the boxes from our storage unit. The storage unit is empty, so that’s a plus, right? My house is a disaster though, but hopefully it will come together very soon.

DV left on Thursday for his boys’ retreat weekend to Colorado. Friday, Elijah, Joshua and I got up early for a Geocaching Event at Dick Nichols Park (8-8-08 from 8am – 8:08am). Afterwards, we found a cache that had evaded us a few weeks back. Saturday we found yet another cache with my sister and niece, so it’s been a successful caching weekend for us.

Saturday long run: Scenic/Mountain Bonnell. Well, Coach says “Mountain” Bonnell so I like to say that, too, but in his accent. Just saying Mountain Bonnell won’t cut it; you simply must say it with a Burundi drawl.

I’m already tired of running on Lake Austin Blvd, but it was fine. I ran with Barb to the 5-mile turn-around point. We ran into Emily, Allison, and Gayatri there, so we all ran back “together.” We didn’t really run back together at all. Allison stopped for a bathroom break, and the other three kept going. I waited for her, and we ran along until we caught Emily, who didn’t feel well and was walking. We caught back up to Gtree and Barb at the water stop on LAB. Even though I asked them to wait so we would all run together, they took off.

It’s for the best as my knees were killing me. I had planned to run 7-8 miles, but Barb asked me to run 10 with her. I felt fine going out LAB and onto Scenic, etc. I didn’t really start hurting until around 6-7 miles into the run. Allison was also hurting so we walked quite a bit the last 3 miles (probably half of those last 3 miles). My IT bands and knees really screamed about that run the rest of the day despite minimal stretching and soaking in Barton Springs. Ah, if there was only time for sitting around with ice on my legs.

We need more poetry in the world. Also, if anyone has seen my cat, Simi, tell her we want her to find her way back home.