Driving to school

A sample of a morning conversation with an almost 4-year-old…"Elijah, do you learn anything at school?"

"Well, not really, but it is called Child’s Way Creative LEARNing Center. Why is it a center? Maybe because it has centers inside. A book center…a family center… I wish they had a doctor center. When Mommy is where you are, she doesn’t press the lock button. Mickey speaks English and Japanese. Christof speaks Spanish, I mean German. (mumble garble something)…Cabbage in spanish…."

"Can you say cabbage in spanish?"

"No, but green is verde and red is rojo and if you flip a leaf sometimes it’s rojo. Maybe if Mars turned into earth and earth turned into Mars everyone could sleep all day. I hope there’s a real spaceship in the playground when i get to school and i can press a button and go 3-2-1 Blast Off!!! I like Logan. He likes Matthew. Keenan is six."

"Is Keenan in the class above you?"

"No, he’s in my class."

"And he’s 6?"

"Yeah, well, the kids that belong to Ms. Jerry are in her class, and the kids that belong to Mrs. Karen are in Ms. Karen’s class."

And so on…..


Modern Spirituality

Elijah goes to Christian Science Sunday School where, among other things, he learns about healing through prayer to God. So last night around 430am he comes to our room and says his ear hurts….He asks me to go lay in his bed with him, so I go back to his room, and as we’re laying there he starts crying. In his tears he says, “my ear REALLY hurts. I know God is healing me, but why does God take so long?” hahaha.

I love that kid.

We both soon fell asleep and he didn’t mention his ear in the morning.


Makes sense to me

Our boys say the cutest things, and often, the smartest things as well…The other evening Elijah came to me and said “Daddy, I hung the sock on the refrigerator.” That’s an odd thing to say, even for a three year old, so I went to look. Sure enough, he had hung one of his socks on the fridge. Jessica had bought some new magnetic clothespin-type things, and he was playing with them.

Investigating further, I asked “why did you hang the sock up?” With all earnestness, Elijah said, “because a shoe wouldn’t stay up there.”

Hahahahahahahaha. It sounds like something you would read in a software management book. “While hanging a sock may not be ideal, it just might be the next best solution after your cheese has moved….”


Giving the Solar System

E. woke me up at a little after 7, said “i want to do the solar system.” i said he could do it at 730. joshie woke up at 725. he wanted milk, mommy milk, baby milk, not cow milk….
At 730am i gave elijah the solar system (a build-your-own mobile type thing) and he was playing with it on our bed. then i went to take a shower and when i got out everything was on the floor. i asked “did joshie do that?” elijah said, “yeah, he likes to spit, bite and throw things.”

hahahaha. elijah was so calm about it, and joshie was just laying on our bed sucking his thumb.

cool cats both.