Some cute and funny things about Joshua…After coming home from the gym where I rode the bike for 40 mins, I told Dawn, “Dawn, my legs are going to fall off.” I was holding Joshua at the time, and a minute later, I turned to walk down the hall with him.

He looked at me so sweetly and asked in this little concerned voice, “Mama, you legs ganna fall off?”

Another story:

Joshua wakes up wanting Mama, “I want her to come back!” After spying Daddy’s baseball glove, all Joshua can think about is baseball.

“I want my glub. I want my glub.” Mommy was quickly forgotten!

Some notable quotes from Joshie:

“Don’t weave! Don’t weave!”

“I want you to come over heyah.”

“Where’s other-one Hankie?”

“I watch Buzz Flying. I watch Buzz Flying.”


“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…you go time-out now, Brudder!”

(holding something, usually Hankie, behind his back) “I have somesing special for you,” said in a sing-song voice.

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