Sawhill Ponds Fishing Report

I usually don’t like to fish at Sawhill Ponds or it’s sister Walden Ponds, but driving home from work today I decided to stop by Sawhill Ponds. I hardly catch anything at these mostly over-fished and fished-out ponds. I guess I’ve got the seasonal fishing bug.

Even though the day was a beautiful day in Boulder, Colorado, it started to get breezy and a bit chilly as afternoon turned into evening. When I arrived the parking lot was nearly full. I read on the internet (so true!) that Sawhill Ponds and Walden Ponds used to be pretty reliable fishing honey holes, but that with drought conditions a lot of the water was siphoned off for farmers in Eastern Colorado, destroying the fishing in these ponds. Another theory I’ve read is that these ponds are just overfished. I can believe both, and both are probably contributing factors.

One of the many tiny bass I catch in Boulder County. ©Familyvance

At any rate, the fishing at Sawhill Ponds is not that great, unless you want to take your eight-year old niece and bait fish for perch. In that case, it’s probably pretty great all things considering: easy access, lots of perch, pretty scenery. In my case, bass fishing at Sawhill ponds is less than so-so. I’ve had luck in the big pond by the parking lot, and in the largish pond a little Southwest of that, but by “luck” I mean “I’ve caught very small bass and a lot of perch.”

Still, it’s a nice stop-off after work, or a place to wet a line while my wife birds at Walden Ponds. I can’t recommend it as a fishing hole though.

When: 6pm, Mar 16, 2015
Weather: Partly Cloudy, Breezy, 60 degrees
Lure/Bait: Mini crank bait
Action: 1 6″ Bass, 1 Missed fish

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